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before this around 2008 i only knew about jpop...and while searching jpop artist on youtube..i discoverd not many jpop videos on utube becoz of some strict law at japan (which is good)..and
every single time i click jpop artist (to search their videos) frequently in most  videos of the list  are dbsk videos ..( it is bcoz tohoshinki is jpop)--->i didnt know at that time tohoshinki is dbsk...

and something pop out in my mind,, why most of the videos are dbsk? who are them? are they too popular...> i thought they r taiwanese (not interested--no offense) then i ignored them...

on the next day..i said,,why dont give them try..just click on the videos---> to see how good they r comparing to jpop?

and the first video i clicked was-------> pv mirotic---> and i said ooo they r korean---> suprisingly at the first time...i dont even seen them as a handsome man (i totally ignored them)

then i click another video of them...which is old videoclip (they perform live)---> wow superb..and i said...they all so damn gorgeous..how they will be able to sing live with powerfUl voice and aggreSsive dance movement at the same time ---> didnt they had lost their breath..OMG..

then i try to google them---> wow ..they r too popular..ALL ABOUT DONG BANG SHIN KI,,-->i am pretty sure many of beginners like me( at that time).. i google dbsk,,why many tvxq appeared (haha so funny..at dat time)---> u know wat i mean...now i know... tvxq is their international name, dbsk (korean) tohoshinki (japan), tvfxq (chinese.taiwanese)

hehe after watched  several videos of them---> then i noticed they are too handsome and cool guys and very appreciate their fan and also respect others...wow very good personalities must have in perfect idol...(cant describe in any words)

NOW I AM SPREADING THE DBSK mania to my siblings, friends-------> many of them so fast attracted with dbsk--haha proud to oppa..(i know bcoz they gorgeous)

now i in love with jaejoong, junsu and yoochun...


asalamualaikum--- hello---anneyong---

 This is my first time writing any post.. i also never have any blog ..

this is for the introduction,

why i starting writing this post ?

becoz its sudden decision..hehe, the first time i made this live journal blog..its becoz before this i am very addicted to japanese music and drama--------> my friend had introduced it 2 me

now and on---> i transfer my addiction into korean music and drama--> actually i have not much interested into korean indstry but more TO DBSK, TVXQ,TOHOSHINKI...

-sayang dbsk forever-